Werke für Violine solo
Ingolf Turban – Violine
CLAVES CD 50-9518


  1. Besprechungen
     Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Werke für Violine solo

    …wonderfully rendered in Ingolf Turban’s unstinting and pyrotechnic performances. Recorded sound is vivid and rather hard-edged—well suited to the music. …
    American Record Guide
    … Um dergleichen hörbar zu machen, muß allerdings ein Geiger mit sehr sicheren Fingern und noch wacherem Kopf einsteigen. Der heißt Ingolf Turban…
    FONOFORUM 05/96
    … Turban is an impassionate advocate of Hartmann´s music. His prodigious technical resource and imaginative, intelligent interpretations stand up to the utmost scrutiny with playing full of intensity, passion and understanding. One´s attention is continually gripped by his astonishing emotional range: tough and tender by turns, now impetiously forthright, now bewitchingly sweet and lyrical. …
    The Strad 05/96 Robin Stowell